Did you know that the polyether urethane used for artificial hearts was first used in ladies’ girdles, or that the Dacron used in vascular grafts was first used in clothing? In fact, many commonly used materials in medical devices were simply repurposed from household applications, making them less than ideal. This begs the question, why [...]


Is Now the Time to Join the Reshoring Revolution?

by Todd McDonald on June 20, 2014

When it comes to offshoring, many companies make sourcing decisions based on price alone, ignoring factors such as quality control issues, transportation costs, time to market delays, intellectual property concerns, lack of manufacturing agility and even their carbon footprint. According to the Reshoring Initiative, the result of this approach can be an astounding 20-30% miscalculation [...]


Is your Thermoformer a “Chef”, or a “Cook”?

June 5, 2014

To some, calling someone a cook or a chef is the same thing. But, to others (especially the chefs of the world), the distinction is very important. While there is no governing body that determines which is which, most agree that the difference lies in a combination of education, experience and skills – which happen [...]

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Thinking Outside the Packaging Box

May 16, 2014

At TEQ, we often say we “think outside the box” to come up with solutions to the variety of challenges our customers face. While this phrase is certainly overused in business, its meaning has psychological roots that are quite interesting – and important for us to keep in mind each and every day. In 1945, [...]

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