Separation Anxiety: How a simple fix can reduce waste

by Todd McDonald on August 24, 2017

Every year Americans fill an estimated four billion prescriptions and buy even more over-the-counter medications. But we all know that the problem with recycling prescription bottles is that most curbside programs don’t accept them, which is why many communities have prescription bottle recycling programs in place. But what about stock bottles (the containers medications arrive […]


Most of us know that innovation sometimes arrives by chance instead of by choice. Take, for instance, the microwave, invented when a leading scientist Percy Spencer was visiting a lab at the Raytheon Company in 1945. Percy was testing a military-grade magnetron, and realized that a candy bar in his pocket had melted. But you […]


Defining Moments

January 19, 2017

According to Ed Thompson, vice president and renowned analyst at Gartner, defining moments are “points in time when the essential nature of a person, group, organization or industry emerges.” They are rare, meaningful moments that have significant consequences. If you are lucky, you have experienced a defining moment or two, from a life-changing personal event […]

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What Can Be Learned From Organ Transplantation When Creating New Manufacturing Facilities?

November 30, 2016

Imagine you’ve just come from the doctor where you’ve found out you need a kidney transplant. You have a few options, wait on a national list, or attempt a transplant from a sibling or your identical twin. The choice to attempt a transplant from your identical twin is a no-brainer for success. Success rates from identical twin […]

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