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Your plastic is watching you

On Jun 25, 2013

The package for your new phone cover – containers for leftover food – even the retainer that your daughter wears to bed every night.

Plastic reaches into all facets of our lives.

But, have you ever considered that these everyday items might contain data harvesting technology? You might be surprised at what some companies have planned when it comes to the use of data gathering technology in products and packaging.

In her recent Ad Age Dataworks article, There's Data in That Toothbrush (And Lots of Other Products, Too), Kate Kaye, highlights some uses of data gathering technology, from Beam Brush toothbrushes to Oglivy Worldwide’s digitized pill packages and even Coca-Cola Freestylin’ vending machines.

So what are the plans for what the data in these items will help uncover? To obtain:

  • Insight into the consumer experience
  • Measurement of consumer interest
  • Guidance on product positioning and distribution
  • Information on regional preferences
  • Gauge of the effectiveness of compliance packaging

Just to name a few.

At TEQ, we are intrigued by new ways such as this to use plastics and wonder what we could learn from following our products and packaging into the life of the consumer.

Perhaps we could determine just how our 100%  recyclable TEQethylene™  sterile barrier systems are used in emergency and operating rooms, or analyze how customers react to our TekZip™ pull tab easy open packaging or even see how pleased people are when the ear thermometer covers we manufacturer for a global leader of healthcare devices help provide accurate readings, with every use.

But most importantly, we could use this data to develop more solutions like these designed to solve a need or challenge in the market.

What about you? What could you learn from following your products or packaging into the life of the consumer? 

Todd McDonald

By Todd McDonald

A creative, customer-based problem solver, Todd has over 20 years of industry experience. Starting as a designer, he moved on to engineering project management, then transitioned into sales. It is this diverse background that gives him a “unique, multi-faceted understanding of business” that generates unexpected, smart solutions.

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