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When more really is better

On Apr 21, 2016

Getting a product into a big box retailer is something many businesses and entrepreneurs dream about. But with such opportunity also comes a level of increased production volume demands that one must find a way to handle without sacrificing quality or speed to market. Otherwise, what could be a chance at becoming an overnight success can instead quickly become a company’s worst nightmare. The key, of course, lies in identifying and working with manufacturers and vendors who can really deliver.

We’ve experienced this first hand at TEQ.

For example, when a leading supplier for candle wax clamshells secured a large order with a big box retailer but was having issues in automating their equipment:

  • We started by solving the immediate problem by quickly manufacturing a new part, and only charged for this tooling (amortizing the cost) after the part was proven to work seamlessly.
  • Soon after “putting our money where our mouth is”, we realized we could save this customer money and valuable production time by expanding their tooling and switching from a steel ruled knife to perimeter matched metal which allowed them to not only meet the new production volume and timeline demands, but to exceed them.
  • To speed up our processing times even more, we made an additional investment by installing under press grinders.

Similarly, when we were tasked with increasing production volume while putting an end to rejections for quality, time delays and machine shutdowns caused by the difficult dimensions of a 19-deep cavity medical device tray without affecting the price point, we worked closely with our machine operators to design a new automation process that not only helped us achieve these goals, but also earned us the Supplier of the Year Award.

And, when we were presented with the challenge of manufacturing deep parts to exacting standards for vivariums that were required to be free of all imperfections and could never be out of stock we leveraged our expertise to create a cost-effective and sustainable new product utilizing recycled RPET and created added value through providing product assembly and fulfillment – virtually eliminating customer stock concerns.

Whether it is to help a customer fulfill a large order with a large retailer, or simply to grow production to the next level, our solutions are a unique combination of new and innovative tooling, reconfigured automation processes and even new supply chain management strategies.

What about you? What is your experience when it comes to sudden production volume increases?

Todd McDonald

By Todd McDonald

Todd has over 20 years of industry experience. His diverse work background gives him unique business insight that drives creative and smart solutions.

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