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When creativity meets engineering

On May 1, 2012

What would your requirements for an ideal manufacturing tool be?

Would you want it to bring your ideas to life faster? Solve design challenges early in the product development process? Accurately verify form, fit and function of designs? Help turn a hypothesis into a quality product? Streamline product development and reduce time to market? Save money?

We would.

That’s why we recently purchased a 3-D printer system that utilizes the fused disposition modeling (FDM) process for rapid prototype production. With this system we can go from a concept on the computer screen to a physical representation of the part in just a few hours (vs. a few days) - giving us the flexibility to create one-off representations of trays for customer review and product fit testing, as well as create machine-ready prototype molds that we can make a small number of parts from.

This is just one example of how creativity meets engineering here at TEQ.

That makes us wonder, what are some examples of tools, processes or other resources you have recently implemented that demonstrate a powerful combination of creativity and engineering?

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