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What’s on your top ten list for 2014?

On Dec 10, 2014

It’s that time of year again, when companies are fervently putting together their Top Ten lists for 2014. Whether you are interested in pop culture, scientific innovations or even package design, chances are by end of the year you will be able to find just about any Top Ten list you are looking for. That made us wonder, if we had to create a Top Ten list for TEQ in 2014, what would we include?

Of course, we would most likely include new product innovations such as our sterile packaging system for extra long packaging that incorporates several smaller interlocking buttons or snaps for easier shipping, distribution and disposal; or our stock tray program that helps our medical customers better match tray sizes with products, without a great deal of additional cost.

But would there be any surprises on this list?

Perhaps one might be the installation of our new KMD64 Automatic Pressure Forming Machine from Kiefel Technologies. While the addition of a new Speedformer like this might seem an odd addition to the list at first glance, there a many reasons why it makes sense to include. In addition to improved output and lowered production costs:

  • The ingeniously designed pick and place stacker/pick table arrangement allows the machine to easily convert from machine stack to hand pick
  • The pick and place stacker also allows for running round items better than a conventional stacker
  • This machine will run tooling approximately 4” wider than our previous machine, the KMD 52, but will also be able to run all existing KMD 52 tools along with a few difficult to stack parts
  • Downtime will be reduced with automatic lubrication of bearings and bushings through a centralized system
  • This machine’s Computer Aided Teaching (CAT) software generates parameters for a particular form tool and material type, which is especially beneficial with new tooling startups

What about you? What are some unusual items that might make your Top Ten list for 2014?

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