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The future of recyclable medical packaging

On Mar 5, 2014

As one of the most vital areas of any hospital, operating rooms can generate as much as 40% of a hospital’s revenue. They can also produce as much as 30% of a hospital’s waste volume – consume half of its supplies budget – and consume the majority of a hospital’s water and electricity. The need for innovative, sustainable solutions in the OR is clear, and hospitals are beginning to take notice.

Enter Practice Greenhealth’s Greening the Operating Room initiative – a collaborative effort to envision what the green operating room of the future might look like, and what kinds of products, programs and best management practices hospitals can focus on as a means of getting there.

Through data analysis and research evaluation, Practice Greenhealth has compiled a guidance document that details best practices for interventions, including segregation and recycling of medical waste.

Through initiatives such as this we know that sterile barrier systems most often consist of more than one material, which forces operating room professionals to take an extra step (one they often don’t have time for) to recycle the products we make.

In response to this issue, we created TEQethylene™. This mono-polymer sterile barrier system utilizes a new proprietary blend of HDPE in combination with adhesive-coated Tyvek®, a breathable HDPE lidding material developed by Dupont™ making it more easily recycled.

This new blend of HDPE is not only environmentally friendly, but also offers many additional benefits over conventional HDPE, such as better clarity and durability. Plus, customers that move from using a material like PETG or HIPS to TEQethylene can save up to 40% on production costs.

In addition, this proprietary material is backed by research data so medical device manufacturers can meet requirements for stability studies (that are typically so costly and time consuming that it is difficult to change materials).

What about you? Does your business or industry have a sustainable solution for the operating rooms of the future?

Download our TEQethylene white paper
Todd McDonald

By Todd McDonald

Todd has over 20 years of industry experience. His diverse work background gives him unique business insight that drives creative and smart solutions.

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