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10 reasons to use TEQpropylene for your next packaging project

For many years, PETG has been the “go-to” of material for medical packaging for its clarity and sterilizing capabilities. However, with the ever-growing concern for recyclability and the new California Legislation AB 906 changing the recycling.

PET and PETG, a bad combination?

Let’s face it, there are some things in this world that you should just never mix - like alcohol and bleach which can react to form poisonous compounds such as chloroform or hydrochloric acid. And then there are others that might be less.

Paper or plastic shopping bags? A discovery may answer the question

Most of us know that innovation sometimes arrives by chance instead of by choice. Take, for instance, the microwave, invented when a leading scientist Percy Spencer was visiting a lab at the Raytheon Company in 1945. Percy was testing a.

Thermoforming material myths

For 14 years, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman used scientific methods to test (and often debunk) thousands of rumors and myths on the show Myth Busters. One of our favorites was when they demonstrated that dropping a penny off the side of the.

2015 year in review

From the discovery of water on Mars, to New Horizon’s Flyby of Pluto, to the discovery of the first new antibiotic in decades – among other things, 2015 was certainly a year of change and progress. Learning and revelations took place that are.

The most heat resistant thermoforming material ever invented

When it comes to heat resistant materials, Starlite may be one of the most heat resistant materials you never heard about. While its inventor, Maurice Ward, never disclosed the formula for this potentially world changing innovation before his.

Does your packaging leave your customers guessing?

When it comes to recycling, if you have ever been frustrated by hard to find triangles, tiny numbers or complicated rules, you are not alone. Let’s face it, plastic recycling can be confusing (even to professionals like us) and tossing an item.

What do the latest ASTM revisions mean to you?

While most people are quite familiar with the “chasing arrows” symbols found on the bottom of plastic containers, they may not truly understand the meaning behind them. Additionally, many people may not have noticed that recently these chasing.

What you don’t know about stability data requirements may surprise you

Did you know that the polyether urethane used for artificial hearts was first used in ladies’ girdles, or that the Dacron used in vascular grafts was first used in clothing? In fact, many commonly used materials in medical devices were simply.

Packaging riddles

What can take the form of a bottle, jar or tray but is shatterproof and lighter in weight than glass?

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