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TEQ Impressions

Do your trays and lids share a special bond?

If you have a collection of treasured trophies, chances are you have had several close calls with at least one tumbling to the ground from its position of prominence after a bump or even a strong gust of wind. And, perhaps on more than one.

Can you solve this packaging riddle?

What is amazingly light, incredibly moisture resistant, extremely durable and 100% recyclable? What has clean peel and low lint features as well as superior tear strength and puncture resistance, even when wet? What can maintain the sterility of.

New heights for 3-D printing

Amazon’s recent testing of their delivery by drone concept … Facebook’s work to connect the world using drones, satellites and lasers … Domino’s publicity stunt to demonstrate how pizzas might be delivered in the future … Matternet’s plans for.

Simple inventions

A resealable soda can….a double-ended toothpaste tube….a turn signal biking jacket…even the new heart catheter invented by Matt Reavill described in a recent Chicago Tribune article (Inventor says new heart catheter will save lives). These are.

Is your business built for flux?

The downgrading of the US credit rating…the spike in gold prices…the European financial crisis…

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