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Sustainability requires reinvention

On Oct 7, 2011

Sustainability. The fact is, with soaring energy and raw material costs - not to mention our ever growing “earth consciousness” and understanding of long-term environmental effects, it just makes sense.

That’s why it’s become a focus for many of today’s manufacturers who are making concerted efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle internally – while also striving to produce eco-friendly products designed not only to meet the needs of the present, but also to avoid compromising the needs of future generations.

However, in order for manufacturers to truly accomplish these goals, they must reinvent their current systems by:

  • Maximizing outcomes by pushing the current limits of materials & resources
  • Increasing efficiencies of raw materials, energy and technology
  • Delivering strong outcomes by minimizing upfront capital

That’s exactly why here at TEQ we think it’s so important to be in alignment with new efforts like the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC) (with member companies that include Dupont, Johnson & Johnson and Kimberly Clark) that focuses on identifying barriers and developing solutions (from healthcare product design and manufacturing through to product use and disposal) for increasing the overall recycling of healthcare plastics. Due out this fall, HPRC’s "Design for Recycling" guidelines will bring attention to what designers can do to encourage recycling in hospitals.

At TEQ, we’ll be ready to implement their recommendations. Will you?

For more information about our guest author, John Hoffman (Industrial Designer and TEQ Innovation Team Leader), please visit his website: John M Hoffman Design.

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