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Hardly a day goes by that without a story about packaging sustainability efforts – from Samsung Electronics's green packaging for refrigerators to Simple Green’s debut of “greener” packaging to the Novelis Evercan high-recycled content aluminum designed for the beverage can market.

While achievements like these clearly have enormous value when it comes to reaching packaging sustainability goals, they cannot be the only focus.

In addition to the obvious quest to develop more efficient and sustainable packaging, to truly “be green”, companies must also look at the facilities where the packaging and even the products are developed.

At TEQ, we are a thermoform manufacturer, who develops both packaging and products, and we take this philosophy to heart.

That’s why our sustainability focus encompasses a wide range of solutions  - from proprietary material development to innovative products to supply chain management to facility improvements (both inside and out).

In fact, we recently announced several new facility improvements that will increase our operational efficiency and safety, as well as reduce energy consumption, including:

  • The construction of a second ISO 8 level (Class 100,000) clean room designed to accommodate two state-of-the-art thermoforming lines
  • The addition of a new Kiefel KMD85 all-electric servo motor-driven thermoforming machine, which offers improved process control, efficiency and safety as well as reduced energy consumption
  • The acquisition of three additional, world class Kiefel thermoforming machines, with upgraded technology and improved process and material control features

We even recently installed a new eco-friendly Uniflex roof on our corporate headquarters building. This Cool Roof Rate Council Rated and Energy Star Certified addition will ensure lower energy usage and reduce TEQ’s overall carbon footprint.

What about you? What are some of the lower profile solutions you see playing an important role in sustainable packaging?

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