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John, Paul, George and Ringo. I don’t even need to mention the band’s name before you know exactly who I’m talking about. Sure the members of the Fab Four were great friends and talented musicians, but at its heart, stripped down to its bare bones, The Beatles were nothing more than one of the most successful strategic business partnerships of the past century.

How many of you have ever heard of Kisses on the Bottom (McCartney’s latest solo album) or Y Not (Starr’s 2010 solo project)? How about Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band or A Hard Day’s Night?

Alone they’re nothing more than talented musicians, but together, they’re the number one ranked rock and roll band of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine (and probably everyone else you know). Pretty good partnership if you ask me.

While the TEQ management team isn’t exactly on its way to rock and roll fame and fortune, we are constantly striving to be a leader in the design, manufacture and supply of innovative healthcare, electronic and consumer packaging and products by providing superior value in products and services to our clients. But we cannot do it alone. We’re a talented team, but in the same way that Paul McCartney cannot garner the same success alone, we need our own Johns, Georges and Ringos to consistently provide something that couldn’t be provided without the partnership – from a new service or product to a higher quality product, to one that’s simply easier, faster or cheaper.

Take Belco Packaging Systems for example. By forming a unique alliance with a leading U.S. manufacturer of shrink packaging, pouch sealers and blister sealing systems our customers will be able to save valuable time and money through on-site verification of compatibility of parts. As a reseller of Belco machinery, TEQ can provide our medical packaging, pharmaceutical packaging and consumer packaged goods customers direct access to these high quality machines early on in the packaging system development process, helping to ensure the success of each and every project from the start. Plus, we can support existing customers who already have Belco machines with seal tooling while exposing our customers who don’t have Belco equipment to some of the best equipment the industry has to offer.

Another of our great partners are medical packaging system experts Spartan Design Group. With their help, we are able to achieve advanced levels of process validation, risk management, traceability of products and compliance with quality and safety regulations. Spartan has also played a critical role in helping us provide the stability data and laboratory documents needed for our medical customers to meet ISO 11607 requirements and  justify new packaging designs that utilize our new 100% recyclable TEQethyleneTM sterile barrier system.

Some of our other partners include:

In the end, our partnerships, as any strategic alliance should, make the end-consumer happier. They allow us to transcend our own skills and talents by adding value to our products and services. It certainly can be difficult to keep the band together at times (80% of business partnerships fail), but we consistently find that some of our greatest music can be made when we ditch solo projects for group collaborations.

So what about you? If you’ve a platinum partnership, then share your story with us.

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