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What do Ford Motor Company, Nike, Coca Cola, H.J. Heinz Company and Procter & Gamble have in common? Certainly, the products they manufacture (automobiles, athletic wear, bottled drinks, convenience foods and personal care products) appear to be quite diverse.

At least at first glance.

But, in fact, these products are all manufactured (or have parts that are manufactured) using a durable, lightweight plastic called polyethylene terephthalate or PET.

This is precisely why these industry giants have recently come together to form the Plant PET Technology Collaborative (PTC) – a strategic working group of companies whose main focus is to accelerate the development and use of 100% plant-based PET materials and fiber in their products.

According to a recent press release, this collaborative will support new technologies and "build upon the success of The Coca-Cola Company’s PlantBottle™ packaging technology, which is partially made from plants and has demonstrated a lower environmental impact when compared to traditional PET plastic bottles.”

In addition to leveraging existing research and development efforts of the founding companies and committing new resources needed for the continued research and development efforts necessary to develop 100% plant-based PET plastic commercial solutions, this group is also committed to “the development of common methodologies and standards for the use of plant-based plastic including life cycle analyses and universal terminology.”

At TEQ, while we think that creating a more sustainably sourced plastic and working to affect positive change across multiple industries is certainly an admirable undertaking… what caught our attention was the fact that this group of companies is also dedicated to standards development – something we think will be a key to their success. (Much like maintaining world class standards, through our compliance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485: 2003 and ISO 11607:2006 standards, is critical to ours.)

What do you think will most be most important to PTC's progress?



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