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Precision perfection

On Nov 15, 2013

Recently, while driving through my neighborhood, I saw a friend in his garage, working on a construction project. He suddenly threw up his hands and began shaking his head. He held up the piece of wood he was cutting and examined it closely, clearly disappointed with himself. Without even getting out of my car or speaking with him, I knew what had occurred.

He forgot to follow the cardinal rule of construction….measure twice, cut once.

This saying is essential to remember for expert carpenters, DIYers and young students in shop class alike.

The fact is, if you cut a piece of wood improperly, it becomes unusable – wasting both time and materials. When you have one shot at getting it right, measuring twice is one way to ensure success.

While we are not carpenters or woodworkers at TEQ, we are driven by the pursuit of precision perfection.

A great example of this is the on-site clean room and supply chain management we do for a leading ear thermometer manufacturer who moved operations from Ireland to North America. Our careful selection of partners with the ability and expertise needed to create custom tools and solutions is key to helping our facility produce, test and ship millions of probe covers every day with zero defects in the field.

Of course, we also offer solutions for customers that are not on-shoring their entire manufacturing operation. For example, through our strategic alliance with Belco Packaging Systems, a leading U.S. manufacturer of shrink packaging, pouch sealers and blister sealing systems, we can provide our customers on-site verification of compatibility of parts, helping to ensure the success of each and every project from the start.

What about you? What are some ways your business “measures twice and cuts once” to achieve precision perfection?

Todd McDonald

By Todd McDonald

A creative, customer-based problem solver, Todd has over 20 years of industry experience. Starting as a designer, he moved on to engineering project management, then transitioned into sales. It is this diverse background that gives him a “unique, multi-faceted understanding of business” that generates unexpected, smart solutions.

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