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Packaging trends for 2012

On Jan 6, 2012

With the dawn of a new year, we are often inundated with predictions for trends to watch. And this year is no different…

So far, we’ve read forecasts about the rise of variety of phenomenon - from QR Codes to Mobile Payment Systems to Geo-Targeted Mobile Advertising and Cloud Based Computing – to the slightly bizarre advent of Social Eating.

But what we found especially intriguing is a list of five packaging trends not to be overlooked in 2012.

In their recent article, five global packaging trends that could change your life, World Packaging News details what could be the most important elements of product packaging to consider this year - summarized below:

Put simply, in 2102, the packaging trends to watch are centered around a theme of efficiency - not only in package messaging and advertising, but in the package itself.

At TEQ, this is a challenge we help our clients take on everyday – through our in-house tool design and development to our distortion pre-printing capabilities to our expertise with the latest renewable, sustainable, biodegradable, and recycled plastics.

What trends are on your radar this year?

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