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Packaging should be at the front of the product development line

On Jun 27, 2012

According to a recent Healthcare Packaging article, “Packaging isn’t always at the table during the early stages of the product development process at pharmaceutical and medical device companies.” But the benefits of doing so are numerous – especially when it comes to critical issues such as patient compliance, anti-counterfeiting and sustainability.

Patient Compliance
With an increased focus on patient outcomes as well as an aging patient population - more and more pharmaceutical companies are turning to suppliers with expertise in unit dose packaging (UDP) and compliance-prompting packaging (CPP) to help improve patient adherence.

While entirely eliminating pharmaceutical counterfeiting may be impossible, pharmaceutical manufacturers are increasingly looking to suppliers to design anti-tamper packaging materials that incorporate a combination of serialization and authentication strategies to serve as a good first line of defense in this never-ending battle.

Major pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical device companies like Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and GE Healthcare have a growing focus on sustainability – and their packaging suppliers are expected to align with these initiatives.

Whether a pharmaceutical manufacturer is looking for packaging companies to play a key role in one or all three of these goals, it is essential they work with a supplier that can help with process validation and stability data for any materials, component, equipment or retooling changes necessary to reach them (at TEQ, we work with our expert partners at Spartan Design Group to achieve this).

To avoid costly delays it is also imperative for pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers to pull packaging companies in early enough to complete them. Only then can packaging companies deliver effective solutions in alignment with product development efforts.

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