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Packaging for a generation

On Jul 17, 2013

Millennials … Generation Y … Echo Boomers …

Call them what you will, but it is undeniable that this group is top of mind throughout many industries. And for good reason - they are nearly 80 million strong and have more spending power than any other generation.

And, as with many industries, when it comes to consumer packaged goods much research has been done on how to best connect with this audience both online and offline (yes, they do still shop in actual "brick and mortar" stores!). While the key to success for online engagement may be more about creating a social shopping experience, when trying to capture their attention offline, product packaging is king.

In fact, in her recent Packaging World article, “Reaching Millennials through Packaging”, Jennifer Karsh explored the different needs of millennials as they relate to package design:

  1. Millennials are value-conscious – while they enjoy good design they are strongly against anything they view as frivolous packaging
  2. Millennials consider the environment (sort of) – “when it comes to packaging, convenience and ease of use sometimes trumps environmentalism”
  3. Millennials are not brand loyal – for them, it really is “all about the money”
  4. Millennials desire an “experience” – and they want to feel personal, which requires packaging that is adaptable and flexible
  5. Millennials expect participation - being involved in the process, such as during the packaging exploration phase, is very important to them

So how do companies stay relevant with such a strong-minded group? Karsh suggests that innovation is the answer.

At TEQ, we thrive on innovation – from using the latest sustainable materials to making our own recyclable materials to creating new packaging designs to make them more user friendly or better for the environment.

Take our patent-pending TekZip™ pull-tab solution for easy package opening. No tools. No blades. No sharp edges. No compromise on package durability or product visibility. Just easy access.

Of course this is just one example….and we look forward to many more innovations that will address the demands millennials have when it comes to packaging.

What about you? What millennial focused packaging innovations have you seen?

Todd McDonald

By Todd McDonald

Todd has over 20 years of industry experience. His diverse work background gives him unique business insight that drives creative and smart solutions.

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