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Is your thermoformer a “chef”, or a “cook”?

On Jun 5, 2014

To some, calling someone a cook or a chef is the same thing. But, to others (especially the chefs of the world), the distinction is very important. While there is no governing body that determines which is which, most agree that the difference lies in a combination of education, experience and skills – which happen to be the same characteristics that are essential when trying to distinguish thermoforming manufacturers from one another.

If you have a culinary degree, or were trained under a master chef, and have the talent needed to create and implement menus in a restaurant setting – you are typically considered a chef. If, however, you simply use recipes or follow someone else’s menu plan, then you are typically considered a cook.

So how does this distinction apply to thermoform manufacturers?

To begin with, like a chef’s training or degree, preferred certifications and awards are an important measurement of a thermoform manufacturer’s commitment to quality. At TEQ, for example, we go to great lengths to maintain world-class standards. In fact, we were one of the first thermoform manufacturers in North America to achieve ISO 13485 Registration. We also hold several other preferred certifications including being ISO 116067:2006 Compliant and FDA Registered and have won several prominent quality awards for our work. Plus, to ensure our team stays current and knowledgeable when it comes to things like packaging engineering services for sterile barrier systems and packaging systems for medical devices, we have established a unique strategic partnership with “master chefs” Curt Larsen and John Spitzley of Spartan Design Group, the foremost authorities when it comes to medical packaging.

But possessing these “degrees” alone is not enough. Using their culinary education and training to hone a high level of skill and creativity is what separates the chefs from the cooks of the world.

That’s where our success with Kiefel thermoform machines comes in. While other manufacturers may have a limited number of these machines, at TEQ we made the decision much earlier than others to adopt this high-end machinery. This decision allowed us to gain years of experience and develop the high level of skill needed to elicit the faster processing speeds, superior quality and exceptional process control these machines are capable of when in the right hands – much like a chef can create an extraordinary dish from the same ingredients sitting in your kitchen cupboard. In fact Markus Zlotosch, VP of Sales & Service and Kiefel Technologies, has stated that because of our experience and skill, we “can work with just about any product that can be thermoformed.”

Put another way, at TEQ we have a team of highly trained and skilled “chefs” (we like to call them our TEQnologists) that have what it takes produce only the highest quality medical, food and retail packaging.

What about you? What “chef-like” characteristics do your team members have that help distinguish your business or company from your competition?

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