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Is your business built for flux?

On Feb 16, 2012

The downgrading of the US credit rating…the spike in gold prices…the European financial crisis…

These days, the words of mathematician John Allen Paulos, “Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security,” are more fitting than ever – especially when it comes to the world of business.

In fact, as Robert Safian tells us in the recent Fast Company article This Is Generation Flux Meet The Pioneers Of The New (And Chaotic) Frontier Of Business, “Uncertainty has taken hold in boardrooms and cubicles, as executives and workers (employed and unemployed) struggle with core questions: Which competitive advantages have staying power? What skills matter most? How can you weigh risk and opportunity when the fundamentals of your business may change overnight?”

How does one survive in such a chaotic environment? Safian tells us that those that are members of Generation Flux can not only survive, but thrive. Members of this elite group include Pete Cashmore (CEO of Mashable), DJ Patil (Data Scientist at Greylock Partners), Beth Comstock (CMO of GE) and Bob Greenberg (CEO and founder of R/GA).

Of course, being part of this new generation takes a whole new approach – with an acute focus on the future – a mentality that embraces fluidity - an ability, even a desire, to constantly solve ambiguous problems – and, of course, an innate capacity for adaptation. Said differently, those “built for flux” are experts at “agile" development or what Patil calls "the ability to adapt and iterate quickly throughout the product life cycle."

We think that is a great description of TEQ – because we never look back or rely only on what’s worked before – instead, we look at each new project with a clear perspective – and we are open to, even excited by, the possibility of new solutions waiting to be discovered and brought to life. At TEQ, we are built for Generation Flux. 

Are you?

Todd McDonald

By Todd McDonald

Todd has over 20 years of industry experience. His diverse work background gives him unique business insight that drives creative and smart solutions.

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