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When we think of inventions, images of light bulbs and telephones may spring to mind. However, there are numerous new inventions on the horizon with the same level “game changing” potential as these classic inventions.

Recently, CNN highlighted a few via their list 10 Inventions, including the Bounce Image Explorer, the Gravity Light and the Socket Energy Ball.

The Bounce Image Explorer is a rubber orb the size of a baseball that is designed to be thrown into areas that users may not want to enter themselves. In addition to wirelessly transmitting photos, the Explorer can also transmit audio and detect things like temperature and air quality.

The Gravity Light is a simple, but ingenious device that can generate light using gravity alone. It does not require electricity, batteries or even cranking by hand, and can even be used to power other low-voltage devices such as radios.

And the Soccket is a soccer ball that uses internal mechanisms to convert kinetic energy to hours worth of electricity. 

Because innovation is at the heart of what we do here at TEQ, stories like this often bring to mind some of our own “inventions” such as TekZip, a pull-tab solution to allow for easy opening of plastic packages and TEQethylene™, our 100% recyclable medical packaging solution. (You can learn more about both of these by exploring our studies at

What about you? What are some of your favorite inventions?

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