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In memory of Curt Larsen

On Aug 24, 2018

Curt Larsen passed away Wednesday August 15th , 2018.  He was a great dad to his kids and great husband to his wife, Carol.  He is a man who will be greatly missed and never forgotten.

Curt Larsen was a pioneer in medical device and healthcare packaging and one of the principal authors of the ISO 11607 standard. Curt and his business partner, John Spitzley, are part of the dynamic duo that is Spartan Design Group, which is an alliance partner of TEQ. Deepest sympathies to his wife Carol, who he adored, kids and business partner John.

Before I started at TEQ, our president, Randy Loga, found them to be a great resource, mentor and consultant to help make TEQ into the world class supplier we are today. After I was hired as the Director of Sales, Randy made a major part of my training to be mentored and trained by Spartan Design Group. Their response was “No guarantees with this guy”.

I soon understood the value, honor and great opportunity of being trained by these gentlemen.  With help, I made sure we expanded the training I received to TEQ sales, designers, operations and quality personnel. Spartan Design Group conducted training sessions and helped work many TEQ trade show booths. We were given the unique opportunity to listen to their expert advice and in-depth conversations with prospects, customers and industry professionals. You can read more about his contributions to the industry here

Spartan Design Group was and still is critical in the development of our innovations; specifically what we now call “TEQethylene”. They completed the supporting stability study data. This was innovative concept because no other supplier of thermoform products has ever offered “a full package Stability Study” to complement the products produced.

In the past, we were asked by customers to clarify whether or not it is compliant with 11607 to allow a supplier to conduct and provide a package stability study. It is a definite misconception that the package stability study has to be conducted by the manufacturer of the medical device being packaged. Curt and John help reinforce  this.

First, they offered an 11607 Position Paper for us to share with our customers. I was expecting some sort of example outlining what has been done in the past. But in this position paper, what we got was a true and definitive opinion coming from a “source authority” because John and Curt were the two of the main authors of the original standard. That opportunity was eye opening and humbling because I became more aware of the contributions they have made to the medical packaging industry that I now work to serve.

From everyone here at TEQ, we want to personally thank Curt and John for their wisdom, mentoring, teaching and collaboration. We are all thankful to have been the recipients of these gifts.

Todd McDonald

By Todd McDonald

Todd has over 20 years of industry experience. His diverse work background gives him unique business insight that drives creative and smart solutions.

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