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Going beyond your core

On Jan 18, 2012

A real estate company that offers interior design services…
A major search engine that provides high-speed Internet connectivity …
Even an online auction company that creates an online payment system.

At first glance, these may seem like examples of companies that have decided to focus on services clearly beyond their core competencies – an often-discouraged business strategy. Distractions, extra expenses and inefficiency being just a few reasons why.

However, at TEQ, we think these are excellent examples of unique situations when offering value add services just make sense. And to us, identifying these situations is very simple – it’s when there is a critical step in the supply chain, with apparent inefficiencies, key to the success of the project.

That’s why at TEQ we provide a range of value add services - from logistics and shipping services, to remote warehousing services, to product fulfillment services and even supply chain management services. (Learn more by exploring our case studies at Doing so helps us optimize our core service delivery by:

  • Reducing our client’s carbon footprint
  • Providing our client faster speed to market
  • Lowering overall costs for client
  • Increasing productivity levels for our client
  • And, above all, exceeding expectations for each project’s success

How do you decide when to offer value add services?

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