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Experience matters when it comes to Kiefel machines

On Sep 20, 2011

Have you ever watched a Nascar race? The cars all look essentially the same, but some drivers are able to easily pull ahead of others. Or, perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to eat a meal cooked by a master chef. He may have used the same ingredients you have in your kitchen cupboard, but was able to create something that tastes absolutely extraordinary.

 How can these events be explained? It comes down to the perfect combination of skills and experience.

At TEQ, that’s exactly how we can explain the successes we’ve had with our Kiefel thermoform machines. Other thermoform manufacturers may have a limited number of these machines. But TEQ made the decision much earlier than others to adopt this high-end machinery.

This decision allowed us to gain years of experience and develop the high level of skill needed to elicit the faster processing speeds, superior quality and exceptional process control these machines are capable of when in the right hands. In fact Markus Zlotosch, VP of Sales & Service and Kiefel Technologies, has stated that because of our experience, we “can work with just about any product that can be thermoformed.” Now that’s feedback we can be proud of!

Today TEQ boasts the largest installation of Kiefel machines in the United States and we have the background and knowledge to use each and every one to its fullest potential.

See for yourself. Explore our website, read our case studies, and tell us what you think.

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