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Do your trays and lids share a special bond?

On Oct 29, 2015

If you have a collection of treasured trophies, chances are you have had several close calls with at least one tumbling to the ground from its position of prominence after a bump or even a strong gust of wind. And, perhaps on more than one occasion you have been faced with emergency repairs after you didn’t quite make that “just in time” catch. (Shhhh, don’t tell my son, Sam, but that’s exactly what happened recently with his prized Tae Kwon Do trophy.) If this sounds familiar, then you know it’s virtually impossible to reattach the leg of that miniature competitor doing a perfect roundhouse kick by using glue – unless of course you find the right glue, one especially designed to bond the cast resin and wood composite that most inexpensive trophies are made of with the strength needed to withstand future falls and near misses. While we don’t deal in trophy repair, at TEQ we do know first hand how important creating the perfect adhesive or sealing solution can be, especially when it comes to medical packaging.

For example, when we saw the need for medical packaging to be more easily recycled, we created TEQethylene™  – a sterile barrier system comprised of a proprietary blend of HDPE in combination with adhesive coated Tyvek® lidding by DuPont™. This new blend of HDPE not only offers less environmental impact than other materials, but also offers many additional benefits over conventional HDPE such as better clarity and durability. Plus, customers that moved from using a material like PETG or HIPS to TEQethylene could save up to 40% on production costs.

However, we wanted to take this unique sterile barrier solution to the next level by finding a new adhesive that would allow us to develop an even more cost effective alternative, without sacrificing the system’s structural and environmental benefits.

To achieve this we enlisted the support of our partners at Technipaq and worked together to develop TEQconnex™, which replaces the adhesive coating on the Tyvek lid of the TEQethylene package with a co-extruded heat seal layer.

The result of this unique bonding solution is a recyclable system per FTC guidelines that offers:

  • Elimination of adhesive flaking often caused by abrasion during transit
  • ISO 11607-1 compliant sterilization and biocompatibility testing by Spartan Design Group
  • Shorter ETO sterilization cycles for the complete system
  • Double sided printing capabilities
  • Total package costs savings

Plus, because current TEQethylene customers can leverage existing tooling, they can easily transition to a TEQconnex solution and save even more.

What about you? How does creating a perfect bond or better connections play a key role in your business or industry?

Todd McDonald

By Todd McDonald

Todd has over 20 years of industry experience. His diverse work background gives him unique business insight that drives creative and smart solutions.

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