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Defining the post health care reform landscape

On Jul 10, 2012

According to the report, Implications of the US Supreme Court Ruling on Healthcare, published by the PwC Health Research Institute (HRI), with the recent Supreme Court ruling to uphold the Affordable Care Act, and once far off deadlines now fast approaching - finding new ways to provide higher quality, more affordable healthcare can no longer be a “wait and see” game. Instead organizations (from insurance companies to health care providers to pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers) must either begin or continue their efforts to improve efficiencies, reduce waste and control costs with a renewed sense of urgency and focus.

As the report asks, “The crucial question now is: Will health reform define your organiza­tion, or will your organization define the post reform landscape?”

At TEQ, we think helping to define the landscape is a much better choice than being forced to conform to it.

So what does that mean?

  • Medical device manufacturers and contract packaging companies collaborating to find new ways to encourage proper use of medications (resulting in better health outcomes and shorter hospital stays)?
  • Medical packaging companies working directly with health care providers on the “front line” to design and validate more user-friendly packaging systems for use in the emergency room? (resulting in better health outcomes and shorter hospital stays)?
  • Medical device manufacturers partnering with medical packaging companies to find new ways to ensure the sterility and package integrity of medical packaging? (resulting in better health outcomes and shorter hospital stays)?

Yes, yes and yes.

But this list is only a start. Can you add any other ways to define the post reform landscape through collaboration?

Todd McDonald

By Todd McDonald

A creative, customer-based problem solver, Todd has over 20 years of industry experience. Starting as a designer, he moved on to engineering project management, then transitioned into sales. It is this diverse background that gives him a “unique, multi-faceted understanding of business” that generates unexpected, smart solutions.

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