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Could your thermoformer win the Egg Drop Challenge?

On Jul 2, 2015

Whether you’ve participated yourself, “helped” your son or daughter create a winning entry, read about it or watched a video online, chances are you have had some level of experience with The Egg Drop Challenge. While the variations are virtually endless, the core of the assignment remains the same – design a container to protect a raw egg as it falls to the ground from a specific height such as a rooftop. And from straws to popcorn to bubble wrap, the solutions to this challenge are almost as varied as the contest rules. Which made us wonder, how would a thermoform manufacturer solve such a problem?

In reality, when it comes to consumer packaged goods, this is the type of challenge we face everyday, but with added requirements such as cost efficiency, sustainability and speed-to-market. In fact, as highlighted in Research and Market’s recently published report, Protective Packaging Marketing in the US 2015-2019, the demand for this type of protective packaging is expected to grow significantly over the next four years, due in large part to an ever growing interest in online shopping.

At TEQ we have developed a variety of industrial protective packaging solutions including HDPE thermoformed cushions that:

  • Are manufactured from recycled skeletal waste from medical packaging
  • Are easily recycled (e.g., curbside)
  • Are manufactured from a material we have extensive experience working with in our TEQethylene™ sterile barrier systems
  • Offer the added benefit of electrostatic dissipation for electronics packaging
  • Offer significant cost savings over other materials

Not to mention, these cushions offer the level of product protection that might just save an egg from a rooftop fall!

What about you? How could your company or business help win the Egg Drop Challenge?

Todd McDonald

By Todd McDonald

Todd has over 20 years of industry experience. His diverse work background gives him unique business insight that drives creative and smart solutions.

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