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On Jan 22, 2014

Immediately after an awards show like the Golden Globes held last week, media is always abuzz with the most moving and most entertaining speeches of the evening, evaluations of the host’s performance, and of course who made the A-list of the best dressed at the event. In addition to presenting awards for Best Picture and Best Actress, such events also often honor those that have made significant contributions to the arts with lifetime achievement awards.

What if there were similar awards for packaging contributions?

This is exactly the question that Sterling Anthony posed in his recent Packaging World article, Lifetime achievement awards for packages.

Anthony goes on to list his picks, which he describes as meeting the criteria of being exemplary, enduring and repeatable. They include:

  • The iconic Coca-Cola contour glass bottle (first introduced circa 1916), whose shape alone is identified with the brand
  • The highly-recognizable Mrs. Butterworth syrup bottle, which became a media darling, starring in commercials since the 1960’s
  • The classic Pringles canister, a “textbook example of the interrelationship between product development and package development”
  • The "golden" L’eggs egg which instantly gave what was a commodity item shelf-impact over the competition helping to make the company behind it the leading brand in pantyhose

Clearly, these four nominees “demonstrate packaging’s power as a brand-builder.”

This made us wonder. If we had to choose additional nominees from our own collection of successes, what would we include?

  • Our 100% sterile barrier system made from TEQethylene™? 
  • TekZip™, our pull-tab solution to allow for easy opening of plastic packages?
  • Our sterile packaging solution for Thoratec’s HeartMate that put an end to warped flanges, thin spots and inclusions?

What about you? What packages would you nominate for a lifetime achievement award?

Todd McDonald

By Todd McDonald

Todd has over 20 years of industry experience. His diverse work background gives him unique business insight that drives creative and smart solutions.

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