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A packaging challenge

On Jul 31, 2012

Each day, more than 10,000 people turn 65…
An event that will happen every day for the next 19 years…

And with this aging of the U.S. population comes a variety of challenges. Especially when it comes to packaging.

As the recent article by Rodica Ceslov Pharma Packaging Challenges posed by an Aging Population states, “A greater understanding of the needs of the elderly is undoubtedly at the forefront when it comes to any new pharma packaging design for the aging population.”

Of course, when designing pharma packaging that is accessible to this growing older generation as they begin to loose their dexterity and coordination, companies must also design packaging that is child resistant.

As Ceslov puts it, “What might be safe for the elderly may be a potential danger to younger children and similarly, something which is child-resistant could also prove too challenging for seniors, such as child-proof caps: very young children cannot negotiate the squeeze-and-twist method to open the bottle, but seniors with arthritis or other dexterity problems in their hands (or anywhere) can have issues opening the bottle as well.”

One simple solution that has been proposed by the pharma industry is the use “elementary diagrams” designed to incorporate illustrated step-by-step directions that are easily understood by the aging population however too complex for younger children to follow.

At TEQ we believe some of the best solutions are similar to this one…simple.

In fact, some of our greatest accomplishments have stemmed from this philosophy.

Take our TEQethylene™ solution, which combines two existing materials (High Density Polyethylene with adhesive coated Tyvek®) to create a 100% recyclable sterile packaging system…or our TekZip pull-tab solution for packaging, which eliminates the need for sharp opening tools without compromising package durability or visibility.

What do you think of the "diagram solution" to the senior pharma packaging challenge? Are there other simple solutions that might work?

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