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A holiday tradition

On Dec 20, 2011

During this holiday season, chances are many of us will receive a trinket or two encased in plastic packaging. Of course, our first instinct will be to break through the plastic packaging safely enveloping our gift - and many of us will turn to a variety of household tools (a pair of scissors, a box cutter, or even a kitchen knife) to open our treasures. And, as we struggle to pry open these packages, chances are we will experience at least some level of frustration, or even risk of bodily harm. It's a tradition many have experienced, but few want to repeat.

In response to this phenomenon, which many call "wrap rage," there has been an onslaught of tools and products marketed specifically for tackling these seemingly impenetrable plastic “clamshells” – ranging from battery powered openers to scissors and blades specifically designed for the task – some of which work better than others, depending on the thickness and shape of the packaging, and all of which still carry some degree of injury risk.

That’s precisely why, at TEQ, we developed a pull-tab solution called TekZip (patent pending), for the package itself. No tools. No blades. No sharp edges. No compromise on package durability or product visibility. Just easy access.

TekZip is just one example of how TEQ delivers innovative design solutions for thermoformed packaging. Interested in learning more? Have a design challenge of your own? Visit our website to explore our case studies or contact a member of the TEQ team.

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