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5 packaging trends that will impact the industry in 2015

On Jan 6, 2015

It’s that time of year again when we shift our focus to the possibilities of the New Year that lies ahead. What accomplishments will it bring? What new milestones will be reached? And most importantly what will be the defining trends? This phenomenon holds true no matter your industry or business, and the world of packaging is no exception.

According to a recent Greener Package article, Top five packaging trends for 2015, the major trends that will impact the packaging industry next year include:

  1. The growing importance of sustainability
  2. The demand for supply chain transparency
  3. The rise of new barrier/coating packaging technologies
  4. Continued emphasis on lightweight packaging
  5. The importance of delivering frustration-free packaging

While these are only educated guesses about the future and the year to come, at TEQ we agree with these predictions so much so that, as you will see below, each one actually represents an area of focus for our business.

Sustainability. Taking our commitment to incorporate a wide variety of renewable, sustainable, biodegradable and recycled plastics into our packaging solutions to the next level, we developed TEQethylene™, a 100% recyclable medical packaging solution that uses proprietary blend of HDPE in combination with adhesive coated Tyvek®, a breathable HDPE thermoplastic lidding developed by DuPont™.

Supply Chain Transparency. As evidenced by our experience in “on-shoring” manufacturing operations to the U.S., TEQ has the capabilities to go beyond packaging design and engineering and work hand in hand with companies in our customers’ supply chains to identify opportunities for increased efficiencies, including the reduction of transportation/freight costs, the elimination of excess inventory, the reuse of web scrap and the optimization of the distribution network.

New Barrier/Coating Packaging Technologies. When TEQ was recently challenged to come up with a packaging solution for single serve, disposable communion cups that not only prevented leakage but also increased the shelf life of the product. TEQ developed a packaging solution using a barrier material that combined PET, EVOH and PE to provide the necessary structure, as well as moisture and oxygen barriers, dramatically increasing the package with shelf life more than four times that of the previous packaging.

Lightweight Packaging. In addition to offering our customers the ability to down gauge the starting thickness of material, our control over the process with our machinery and tooling often allows us the ability to reduce the plastic weight while still achieving the same minimum thickness specifications.

Frustration-Free Packaging. TEQ has developed a variety of packaging solutions designed to allow for easy opening and disposal including TekZip™, our patent pending pull-tab solution pictured below, as well as our sterile packaging solution for extra long medical devices with interlocking tabs to allow for one easy motion disassembly and disposal.

What about you? What trends are on the horizon for your business or industry in the New Year?

Todd McDonald

By Todd McDonald

Todd has over 20 years of industry experience. His diverse work background gives him unique business insight that drives creative and smart solutions.

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