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2015 year in review

On Jan 19, 2016

From the discovery of water on Mars, to New Horizon’s Flyby of Pluto, to the discovery of the first new antibiotic in decades – among other things, 2015 was certainly a year of change and progress. Learning and revelations took place that are certain to become the building blocks for amazing things – like the possibility of sending humans to the surface of Mars, gaining a better understanding of other bodies like Pluto in the faraway Kuiper Belt, and paving the way for a new generation of non drug-resistant antibiotics. Which made us wonder, what were some of the major accomplishments here at TEQ in 2015 and what could they mean for our future?

When looking back, it became clear that one of our greatest accomplishments of the past year was the launch of TEQconnex™, a new co-extrusion for thermoforming medical packaging that builds on our recyclable solution TEQethylene™ and offers medical device manufacturers a chance to use uncoated Tyvek® lidding for trays, vs. the traditional heat-sealed-coated lid stock.

Because this new medical packaging solution leverages a one-process co-extrusion method, it offers a variety of benefits including:

  • Total package cost savings. Research has shown that adding a seal layer to the TEQethylene (HDPE) extruded sheet costs less than applying adhesive coating to Tyvek.
  • Equal or Greater Than Average Seal Strength. Seals tested between TEQconnex trays and three different grades of medical-grade Tyvek all demonstrated an equal (if not greater than average) seal strength compared with that of conventionally coated Tyvek during tensile testing and burst testing.
  • Clean Peelability. Tests showed that TEQconnex avoids common issues associated with adhesive flaking and product lid adherence that can occur with adhesive that is applied directly to Tyvek.
  • Double-sided printing. TEQconnex offers better printability and ink adhesion when compared with coated lid stock when printing on the interior of the package.
  • Shorter EtO sterilization cycles. According to EtO and gamma sterilization testing as well as ISO 11607-1 biocompatibility testing by Spartan Design Group, shorter EtO sterilization cycles are possible for the complete TEQconnex system.

Plus, because TEQconnex builds on the recyclable solution TEQethylene launched in 2012, those customers can leverage existing tooling to transition to TEQconnex.

But at TEQ, we didn’t stop at developing new solutions for medical device packaging such as TEQconnex, in 2015 we also expanded our capabilities in the medical thermoforming industry through our acquisition of medical thermoform manufacturer, Fremont Plastics. This expansion has not only poised us to better serve our medical thermoforming customers in both the medical packaging and medical device manufacturing verticals, but by adding another manufacturing location we will also have the ability to reduce shipping costs and add redundancies in order to reduce risks for our customers.

What about you? What was your most important accomplishment in 2015?

Todd McDonald

By Todd McDonald

Todd has over 20 years of industry experience. His diverse work background gives him unique business insight that drives creative and smart solutions.

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