Case Study – Sustainable Medical Packaging

TEQethylene Cover

Challenge #1

Hospitals produce over 5.9M tons of waste each year – but very little is recycled. One of the biggest obstacles? The fact that sterile barrier systems often consist of more than one material, and hospital staff simply don’t have the time or interest in separating lids and trays for recycling.


TEQ developed two sustainable and cost-effective, single stream recyclable medical packaging solutions:

  • A monopolymer sterile barrier system consisting of Amcor’s Flexibles Film Peelable Lid, a cost-effective High Density Polyethylene option designed to withstand ETO and Gamma sterilization.
  • A monopolymer sterile barrier system backed by stability data and consisting of TEQethylene, a proprietary blend of High Density Polyethylene, and adhesive coated TYVEK®, a premium breathable HDPE thermoplastic lidding developed by DuPont™.

Challenge #2

Medical device companies sometimes struggle with cracking and abrasion for some ridged thermoform package applications. How can medical device companies find sustainable ways to address these issues without adding cost and lead-time?


  • FlexiForm™, a flexible tray made from Amcor’s nylon-based thermoforming material (sealed to either Tyvek or Amcor lidding).

Typical conversions from a rigid thermoform tray to a flexible one can yield a significant down-gauging of the film (from 0.045 PETG to a 0.017 Nylon flexible film). As a result, shipping costs can be drastically reduced, making solutions such as FlexForm a much more sustainable medical packaging solution. In addition, preformed FlexiForm trays from TEQ can offer a high level of abrasion, crack and puncture resistance and can be sealed on standard heat sealers (vs. a form-fill-seal line), resulting in reduced cost, less production interruption and shorter lead times to bring medical packaging to market.


A variety of cost-effective, durable and sustainable solutions that offer MDM’s an opportunity to save time and money – and the earth.

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