Case Study – TEQconnexTM



Take our monopolymer sterile barrier solution, TEQethlyleneTM, to the next level while

  • Preserving its environmental benefits
  • Maintaining 11607 compliance
  • Continuing to leverage existing Belco heat seal equipment
  • Providing even more cost savings


TEQ worked with their partners at Belco Packaging and Technipaq to develop TEQconnex, which replaces the need for the adhesive coating on the sterile barrier’s Tyvek lidding with a co-extruded heat seal layer. We also enlisted the support of medical packaging leaders, Spartan Design Group, to validate ISO 11607 compliance for biocompatibility and sterilization.


An opportunity for customers to save on total package costs, save the environment with a 100% recyclable system per FTC guidelines and save hassle with added benefits such as shorter ETO sterilization cycles, the elimination of adhesive flaking and even two-sided printing!

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